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Writer Hacks: 5 Free Online Tools That Make Writing Easier!

So, you want to get better at writing, good for you. Some of the steps in the writing process can be pretty daunting. But lucky, there are a lot of free online tools and resources available that can assist any writer with creating great content while alleviating some of the steps. Digitaling Media has compiled a list of 5 writer hacks that make the writing process easier.

Answer the Public

Have you ever sat down to write an article or white paper and did not know what to write? Answer the Public is the perfect online tool that can assist with narrowing down a topic. It is a keyword tool that visualizes search queries and suggests auto-complete searches in the form of a cloud or straight data format.

If you are drafting phrased-based content for an evolving search algorithm, your challenge is to know what phrases your target audience is using to find answers. Armed with phrases, thanks to Answer the Public, you can now write an article framed around specific search terms that appeal to users and Google's algorithm.


Imagine, a local company has contacted you to produce some technical content, but you are not well versed in the subject matter or familiar with the industry. Well, that’s okay. You can easily take a crash course by reviewing online video tutorials on YouTube or industry-related websites.

YouTube’s platform enables users to explore and learn new things. For many writers, YouTube can be used to watch how-to guides, demo videos, and get tips or tricks. Not to mention, it is free and easy to use. Create a YouTube account or not and then search for your topic of choice.

Keywords Everywhere

Now that you are a subject matter expert and have narrowed down your topic. What’s next! Perhaps, you should start drafting, but first, have you thought about how your content is going to stand out in front of 4.4 billion internet users? Well, Keywords Everywhere has got you covered.

Keywords Everywhere is a freemium chrome extension that shows monthly search volume, cost-per-click keywords, and competition data from over 16 websites. The data that is pulled through this tool is the same data that is released by Google, Bing, and various other search engines.

Setting up this tool is easy, download the chrome extension and retrieve the API key that is sent to you by email. Then, type a phrase into the Google search bar, and an array of keyword related phrases will pop-up on the right-hand side of the browser.

Google Docs

Google Docs is loaded with features that can save writers a lot of time. One feature that packs a fantastic punch is Voice Typing in Google Docs. The built-in speech-to-text feature makes writing a breeze, and it is available to you if your device has a microphone. Text-to-speech used to have a bad reputation, but it's come a long way.

Google has a fantastic text-to-speech engine that is built into the Chrome browser and used in the Google Assistant. If you have ever done a voice search, you have seen how well Google understands what you say. You can dictate all kinds of words into Google Docs. You can also dictate formatting, punctuation, and editing. But wait, there is more. You can also dictate in other languages. Now take this power and apply it to dictation into a Google Doc, as this little feature works well.

Grammarly So, you have narrowed down your topic, became a subject matter expert, learned how to create search engine optimized content and written your first draft. I guess the only thing left to do is to edit your content. But what if you do not have an editor? That is okay because Grammarly is a great free editing tool that you can use to improve your content.

Grammarly, free version corrects spelling, punctuation, and alerts you to grammatical errors. Also, it enhances your vocabulary by identifying and correcting contextual errors. Another advantage is the tool helps to improve your writing style and make your written word more engaging and effective.

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