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How Leveraging New Media Can Benefit Your Brand

With thousands of social networking sites and tools available to businesses and freelancers, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. But with the right content strategy and execution, using new media such as #Facebook, #LinkedIn, #Instagram, or blogs can leverage your online presence.

Savvy companies that wish to target a specific group of individuals would benefit from leveraging mass media, as customers value public opinion, which can significantly influence overall buying decisions.

A recommended method for garnering user engagement is publishing content (i.e. literature, articles, or product announcements) to a blog and then linking the materials to various social media platforms or sharing them in a community forum. In turn, this prompts immediate user consumption, response, or action.

The benefits of using this method are the free analytics and customer feedback provided by these platforms, which help writers, tweak existing content or create new materials that would be deemed as useful by users.

Companies can then use this data to tailor campaigns around the target audiences to build brand awareness, create customer loyalty, and appease brand ambassadors or brand followers who continue to purchase products and services.

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