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Content Trends That Should Make a Comeback in 2020

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Content trends come and go yearly; however, some still make a strong statement even after they have come and gone. Some trends can be said to have existed ahead of their time, not because they didn't make an impact when they were around, but because they would have made more impact due to the tech advancements we have now. Here are 3 retro marketing trends that would make a strong marketing impact if they were to make a comeback in 2020.


We all occasionally hum some commercial jingles that we heard back in the day, from time-to-time. A jingle is more of an ear worm that can't seem to leave your subconsciousness and simulate your senses. It is a short tune employed by assorted brands during a marketing campaign to ensure it remains embedded in the minds of its listeners. So, it’s perplexing as to why brands fail to see how beneficial a massive jingle campaign might be to their brand in this digital age.

For instance, social media is now and will forever be a gold mine for entertaining the masses, and it’s an excellent platform to place an ad with a jingle. For example, platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube are places where jingles would quickly get the attention of a targeted audience, as individuals look to social media for information and entertainment. Thus, jingles make a compelling case in 2020, as one of the top content trends to make a comeback.


Infomercials are aggressive sales strategies that were used in making direct sales. Brands do this by giving out all the information about a product in the form of a television commercial in a very appealing way. They give out the toll-free telephone numbers and websites all in one advertisement, which makes it a different marketing strategy. However, this means of content marketing has been on the decline in recent years, which can be attributed to the rise of the internet. With a little tweak in how infomercials are done, this content trend can become a top one in 2020.

Some brands are beginning to try their luck in making use of it on social media, and with patience, creativity and the mastery of a new way to send out infomercials, several brands would make more sales and bring more attention to their products.

Catchy Taglines

A tagline is a short, memorable description that clearly and succinctly communicates the brand's mission and vision statement in the catchiest way. Taglines act as a parasite for brands, and the most successful tagline acts like one that gets attached to the brains of everyone who connects with the tagline. Once you hear 'I'm lovin' it,' 'just do it,' and 'the world on time,' no one has to tell you the brands that are being described, this is how a catchy tagline positively impact any brand that uses them. Perhaps, McDonald's along with so many other brands might not have the fame they have right now if they did not have a catchy tagline, which helped to push their brand messages to every targeted audience. In addition, Nike's "just do it" tagline was created decades ago, but you would agree with me that this tagline is still as iconic as it used to be.

Getting the hang of a tagline would surely help many brands to leave a mental footprint in the minds of many customers — thus, resulting in increased brand awareness and sales. Thus, making catchy taglines a top contender for a comeback in 2020.

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