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Hello, I'm Shanise Ling, Founder and Creative Director of Digitaling Media. As a creative marketing and communications professional with over a decade of working experience. I understand more than anyone how hard it can be to stand out in this digital world, and that's why I, along with my team of collaborators, work diligently to ensure that your message is heard loud and clear. With a formal education in business marketing, digital media and technical writing; it's safe to say that when you come to Digitaling Media, you're in the right hands.

What People Say...

Nadine J., Marketing Consultant
Myndmap Marketing 

Shanise has a great creative mind that she utilizes to push boundaries in marketing and business development. She is one of those rare individuals you can brainstorm with, and the end result will be something truly innovative. Shanise is an excellent problem solver and is persistent to continuously educate herself in order to remain a master at her craft. 

Corey D., Regional Sales Manager
Joe Johnson Equipment 

I strongly recommend Shanise. She has very strong advertising and customer service skills. Shanise is also adept at meeting tight deadlines and has an exceptional work ethic.


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